Frozen food available! 冷凍食物供應中!

Derek Wells

Jun 30, 2021

Order now! 立刻訂購!

From now on, everyone can order delicious Mayur Indian Kitchen curry, bread or any other dish online and we will send you the frozen one. You can heat it anytime and enjoy the curry with rice or bread. Any time you like, any time you want!

更多詳情,傳訊給我們官方Line: @miktaiwan!請大家待在家裡,遵守新冠期間規定。我們會協助寄送冷凍咖哩與食品以便您長期保存至想吃的時候!
For more details, you can write to us on our official line: @miktaiwan. We request everyone to stay in home and follow the COVID-19 rules & regulations. We will help you to deliver the frozen curry & food & you can save it for long in your home. And any time you can take it out, make it hot, and enjoy it.